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our team

Hennie Pelser, sole member of Nuclei Lifestyle Design, has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of architecture and interior design.  As a highly motivated, committed individual with inherent leadership qualities, he manages his team and projects in a strong perfectionistic, yet gentle manner.

He has an acutely creative aspect coupled with a natural predisposition toward the aesthetic spheres. A person with proven personal and inter-personal skills, Hennie is both a team player and strong leader.

  • Arch. (UOFS) – Graduated 1988 from the university of the Orange Free State
  • Award of Merit for the Nigerian High Commission – Windhoek – 1995

Member of:

  • SACAP – South African Council for Architecture
  • PIA – Pretoria Institute for Architecture
  • SAIA – South African Institute for Architecture
  • NIA – Namibia Institute for Architects
  • NCAQS – Namibia Council for Architects & Quantity Surveyors

Nico van Tonder also known as Nix, joined the Nuclei family in 2009 and has had the opportunity to work on a full spectrum of projects ranging from small alterations to large luxury homes, shopping centers, and office buildings. Nico has a love for technology and is known as the office IT and CAD software guy. If you need help he is always ready to assist.

  • Registered Professional Architectural Draughtsman
  • Dip Arch.
  • Dip Struct
  • Competent Person Energy – SANS 10400XA & SANS 204

Member of:

  • SACAP – South African Council for Architecture
  • PIA – Pretoria Institute for Architecture

Leon van Heerden has been working full time for Nuclei Lifestyle Design since the third quarter of 2010, where he took up the position as a senior company employee. At Nuclei he had been fortunate to work on projects of various size, nature and sensitivity. Every project still brings something new.

He was born in the Great Karoo, where he spent the first eighteen years of his life. He has always had a love of taking apart anything he could find. As he got older he learnt to put things together again, and sometimes tried to create something new.

Architecture gives him a lifestyle that incorporates a vast field of disciplines. Everything he comes into contact with has been designed which keeps him captivated.

  • Registered Professional Senior Architectural Technologist
  • BTech Architecture – Graduated from TUT 2010 – Tshwane University of Technology

Member of:

  • SACAP – South African Council for Architecture

Marnus Venter joined the Nuclei family in the mid of 2017 and has gotten the opportunity to gain valuable experience at Nuclei Lifestyle Design.

Currently co-working on projects ranging from small alterations on guesthouses/residential homes, to interior renovations at a day clinic and renovations/upgrades at a beautiful residence consisting of luxury and architectural.

Marnus has always had a love for helping others where he can and will go the extra mile for Nuclei’s clients. His passion for architecture is a valuable asset to the company.


  • Higher Certificate in Architectural Technology – Graduated 2016 from Inscape Educational Group – Pretoria
Noleen du Toit joined Nuclei in 2003.  Noleen only works three mornings per week and yes, she is the only female employee!  She handles all administrative tasks around the office which suits her personality fine because she needs things to be organized.  She loves taking care of the boys and also function’s as Hennie’s part time PA.