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painted ladies

new office building – windhoek, namibia

Our client (based in Canada); instructed us to design a new office building for a prominent property in Windhoek, Namibia. The new office building was to be based on the architectural style and character of the well-known row housing on Alamo Street, San Francisco (nicknamed “The Painted Ladies” due to their colourful and ornate exterior facades).

During one of our client’s travels to San Francisco, they fell in love with the charm and character that made these Victorian and Edwardian buildings so famous that they became iconic tourist attractions. The design of the new office, was structured as one large three-story building and had to accommodate the possibility to separate office spaces, to accommodate a variety of letting requirements. The interior space is accessible from several points from the exterior and creates the illusion of three separate buildings – each with their own design details and colours.

Once construction work started on this unique building, it not only captured the attention of the local community, but also the interest of the Japanese Embassy who were at the time looking for a suitable building to establish the new Embassy in Namibia. While under construction, the design was adapted to accommodate the Embassy’s requirements whom now inhabit the entire building.

This necessitated several design and construction changes, to comply with their international Embassy and security standards. The Embassy requested an amendment to the proposed colour scheme to one uniform colour, rather than the serious of distinct colour schemes, initially proposed.

Today, the Embassy is very proud of their Windhoek office and claims it to be selected as the most attractive Japanese Embassy in the world!

exterior view – front



south elevation


north entrance detail


single entrance detail