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Lynnwood Manor Master Plan

Our young clients purchased this property with the aim to modernise and upgrade it as their new family home, for them and their two small children, for the next 20 plus years.

Located on a sloped site with stunning views to the South and a large garden surrounding the existing residence, the first brief was to develop a master plan for the property that will explore and define the full potential it would offer.

Once completed, the master plan was broken into manageable phases based on their needs and budget. This first phase was implemented and is currently under construction. A new covered patio overlooking the view to the south and linked with the existing balcony off the large living area, will open the opportunity to have private family functions and relaxed time, next to the swimming pool (on the level below) linked via a new staircase.

A small intimate fire pit area was cantilevered at the edge of the new patio and will overlook the pool where the kids can play under watchful eyes.

Glass balustrades ensure the view is not compromised while safety remains in tact.

Future faces will see the street façade and main entrance getting a much needed facelift that will address the stair path leading to the front door, as well as the oversized glass gable that allows too much sun to penetrate the large living area. We will share photos as the project develops, but for now you can view the 3D renders of the proposed development.