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stilbaai upgrade

alterations and adjustments to a holiday home in the popular stilbaai coastal town

A few years ago, Nuclei received a request to assist with resolving a design and aesthetic problem from a client that was in the process of planning a new holiday home. The design process started by simplifying and developing circulation and space planning issues that the previous designer was unable to resolve. In order to address the client’s brief in a more creative and practical manner, additional changes and improvements were made to the design of both the ground and first floor stories. The client was particularly concerned with the design and appearance of the street elevation as well as the overall character of the new house. This was addressed by re-designing and simplifying the roof structure as well as the design relationships and overall character of the proposed new residence. These changes, combined with the adjustments to proportions and scale, allowed the house to develop its own unique personality and style, while moving in line with the client’s specific requirements with regards to durability and low maintenance, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

exterior view  – front



north elevation

elevation before and after

first floor plan before and after

plan before and after