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The Hills Estate – Waterkloof Ridge

Interior design: Contemporary Kitchen

In accordance with the clients’ lifestyle, the Kitchen was designed to have a galley kitchen layout. Galley kitchens are often referred to as the most efficient kitchen layouts in terms of cooking. The narrow space however is not very accommodating for use as a social space typical to a residential setting.
This kitchen was specifically designed to be private for the clients who prefer to move away from the popular open-plan trend. In the developed design, the kitchen was changed to be slightly more open thereby still allowing the cook to be able to interact with his/her family. The scullery however is positioned to be completely out of the line of sight with the rest of the home, thereby facilitating a clean and tidy appearance to the kitchen at all times. A small screen wall hides the sink and appliances while not dividing the Kitchen, keeping it as one spacious room.
The kitchen is in character with the design of the house which is contemporary minimalist. The counter tops are manufactured from engineered stone and are complemented by polished lacquered joinery faces. The doors and drawers are fitted with hidden finger-grip edges to do away with handles which would clutter the design, and otherwise encroach into the circulation space. Additionally, all joinery items have been fitted with soft-close ironmongery for ease of use.
The end result, a kitchen any owner can be proud of, not only in style, but also functionality.

interior view – kitchen 1


interior view – kitchen 2


interior view – kitchen 3