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The Tower Chapel – Klein Windhoek

The client’s intension was to have this structure as a focal element combining the existing old Jenny’s Place with the new development of Bougainvillea’s Centre – it was to function not only as a vertical and visual accent, but also could be used as a wedding venue element for entertainment and functions that was planned for the new proposed courtyard.

Due to parking requirements, this planned extension and link to the old Jenny’s place & Garden had to be abandoned and sadly the tower never realised.

The aim to replicate the Gothic style in a miniature format, to add to the diverse classic styles that were part of the Bougainvillea Complex character, as directed and requested by our clients, would have been the “cherry on the cake” of the development, and we are happy that we had the opportunity and challenge to design such a structure, even if it never materialised.


exterior view – front


section view


south elevation