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Westward Ho Irene

A beautiful yet very delipidated and deformed old 1917 Victorian Residence on a very large stand in the old Irene Village, was purchased by our very passionate and articulate client, who wanted to ensure this stunning old house was not demolished like so many others and replaced by small town houses.

Our aim and instruction were to retain the Old Victorian character, to enhance and modernise as much as possible to ensure that the renovated residence will be fit for the modern-day family with all the necessary amenities, yet to proudly show its past heritage and beauty.

No expense was spared in duplication and preserving the elements and character of the old residence and all new structures and additions were done very sensitively to ensure that main style and original splendour of the residence was maintained.

Timber windows with lead glass was re-created and copied throughout. We had moulds made of the old existing concrete columns and arches, so we could use them to open the dark interior and allow the natural light into the depth of the house. Creating a small courtyard with fountain, allowed the new extensions to not block any light and create a sensitive link between the old and the new. The old pressed ceilingswere restored and adjusted by a specialist, and new ceilings matched to retain the old world character.

The large garden was totally redone with all the invader species removed; sprawling lawns re-introduced around a formal garden court that defines the entrance to the property.

The old thatched lapa was demolished and the swimming pool that was buried beneath re-opened and renovated with new landscaping all round.

All the outbuildings received similar renovations and upgrades, and all unnecessary structures and carports were demolished to only retain the essential and valuable assets of the site.